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DOS commands like batch file commands are not case sensitive.

@ Most commonly used as @ECHO OFF prevents the commands or notes in the batch file from being displayed.
ECHO Echo's a message within a batch file. Example: ECHO Hi Everyone... will print Hi Everyone... on the screen Unless you have typed @ECHO OFF at the beginning of the file. You can also create a blank line by typing ECHO. adding the period creates a empty line.
%1 A numeric value, beginning with one, allows user to add variables in a batch, example:
echo Hi My Name is %1
HiMyNameis (the name of the bat file) and then your name:

HiMyNameis Alan

would output:

Hi My Name is Alan

Can also be extended to %2, %3, etc.

:LABEL Adding a colon in front of a word like LABEL you can create categories, more commonly known as label's.  With a label you can skip to any section of a batch file like the end.
GOTO LABEL Used to go to a certain label like LABEL. Example GOTO  END.
CALL A Call will run another batch file within a batch file. If no batch file is found it will give an error message.
CLS Clear the screen.
EXIT Exits out of the DOS
IF To check for a certain condition and to determine if the condition exists. If condition exists then it will perform that function..
PAUSE Prompt to press any key to continue.
REM Allows comments into the batch file without displaying on execution.
SHIFT Changes position of parameters in a batch file.
START To start an application or program like START C:\WINDOW\CALC will start the Windows Calculator.
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