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echo displays text in a text file:
type listuser.txt


echo performs a start command:
Start c:\userlist.bat


Show Directory Contents:
dir /c


Show Directories with long file names:
dir /c "%*"*


Changes the time on a remote computer:

Net Time \\Copmuter005 /set


Checks the time on multiple computers:

Net Time \\Computer005
Net Time \\Computer002


Change the background color of Cmd area and display the color code selection:

echo changes the color of you back ground in cmd mode
color /help
color 3

User List of AD with out put file to listuser.txt:
dsquery user -limit 2000 >listuser.txt


View Domains on Network with echo of file purpose:

echo net View Domains
net view /domain


List all AD Information with output to file ADInfoList.txt:

dsquery * -limit 2000 >ADInfoList.txt


Computer Share List with echo of file purpose:

echo net View EyeTweaksDomControler001 Shared resources
net view /domain EyeTweaksDomControler001


Change time to Server Time or Net Time:
@Echo Net Time Set to Computer001 Time
net time \\EyeTweaksDomControler001 /set /yes
@Echo All Done Your time is now Synchronized.


Change files in folders on Computers specific:
xcopy \\EyeTweaks\DBA\Database\DB.MDB \\Computer001\c$\DBA /y
xcopy \\EyeTweaks\DBA\Database\DB.MDB \\Computer002\c$\DBA /y
xcopy \\EyeTweaks\DBA\Database\DB.MDB \\Computer003\c$\DBA /y
@Echo All Done

List help commands for batches with a Title display:

TITLE List Help Commands
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