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Reference HTML Quick Reference Sheet 
by Alan Mitchell

Basic Information:
Note the difference between beginning and ending Tags.

<html>  </html>
Begins an HTML document 

<head> </head>
Offsets the title and information that isn't displayed by the page

<body> </body>
Offsets the visible areas of the document 

Header Information
    <title> </title>
Puts the Title of the current document into the title bar 

Body Attributes 
<body bgcolor=?>
Sets the background color using Hex or Dec value  Information on HEX/DEC 

<body text=?>
Text color using Hex or Dec value 

<body link=?>
Color of links using Hex or Dec value

<body vlink=?>
Color of followed links using Hex or Dec value 

<body alink=?>
Color of link at click using Hex or Dec value

Text Information 
<b>    </b>
Bold text 

<i>    </i>
Italic text 

<font size=?> </font>
Size of font from 1 to 7

<font color=?> </font>
Font Color using Hex or Dec value 

<pre> </pre>
Preformatted text 

<h6>  </h6>
Smallest headline 

<hl>   </hl>
Largest headline 

<tt>    </tt>
Typewriter style text 

<cite> </cite>

<em>  </em>
Emphasize a word

<strong> </strong>
Emphasize a word  Strongly 

Link Information 
<a href="url"> </a>
Place a hyperlink 

<a href="mailto:email"> </a>
Make a  mailto link 

<a name="name"> </a>
Create a targeted location in a page 

<a href="#name"> </a>
Link to targeted location 

Formatting Information 
<p> </p>
Create Paragraph 

<p align=?>
Align Paragraph's to left, right, or center 

Line Break 

<blockquote> </blockquote>
Indent text 

<dl> </dl>
Definition List 

Follows Definition Term 

Follows Definition 

<ol> </ol>
Numbered List 

<li> </li>
Follows list item and adds number 

<ul> </ul>
Bulleted List 

<div align=?>
Format large blocks of HTML often used on stylesheets 

Graphic Information
<img src="nameofimage">
Add a image 

<img src="nameofimage" align=?>
Align a image, right,  left, bottom, top, center, middle

<img src="nameofimage" border=?>
Sets size of border around an image 

Horizontal Rule this will insert it

<hr size=?>
Size of Rule "height"

<hr width=?>
Width of Rule "% or whole value" 

<hr noshade>
Rule with no shadow 

<table> </table>
Create a Table 

<tr>  </tr>
Offset rows in Table 

<td> </td>
Offset cells in Row 

<th> </th>
Offset Table Header 

Table Attributes 
<table border = # >
Width of Border around Table Cells 

<table cellspacing = # >
Amount of space Between Table Cells 

<table cellpadding = # >
Amount of space Between the cell's border and contents 

<table width = # or % >
Width of table in pixels or as a % of document Width 

<tr align =? > or <td align = ? >
Alignment of Cell(s) (Left, Right, and Center) 

<tr valign = ? > or <td valign =? >
Vertical Alignment of Cell(s) (Middle, Top, and Bottom) 

<td colspan = # >
Number Columns a Cell will span 

<td rowspan = # >
Number of Rows a Cell should span the default is = 1

<td nowrap>
Prevent lines from being broken, to fit within a Cell

<frameset> </frameset>
Takes the place of a <body> tag, this can also be nested in other framesets 

<frameset rows="value,value">
Rows within a frameset, using number in width, %, or pixels 

<frameset cols="value,value">
Columns within a frameset, using number in width, %, or pixels 

Single frame or region within a frameset 

<noframes> </noframes>
Browsers that don't support frames, decides what will appear. 

Frames Attributes 
<frame src = "url" >
HTML document to display 

<frame name = "name" >
Names a frame or region

<frame marginwidth = # >
Left and right margins must be ="equal" to or >"greater" than 1 

<frame marginheight = # >
Top and bottom margins must be ="equal to or >"greater" than 1 

<frame scrolling = VALUE >
Determines if frame has a scrollbar ="equals" yes, no, or auto." Default is auto. 

<frame noresize>
Prevents resizing of a frame by the user 

<form> </form>
Makes a Form

<select multiple name="name" size=?> </select>
Makes a Scrolling Menu the size will set number of menu items  to view without having to scroll. 

Offsets menu item 

<select name="name"> </select>
Make a Pulldown menu 

Offsets menu item 

<textarea name="name" cols=40 rows=8> </textarea>
Makes Text Box Cols ='s width & Rows ='s height 

<input type="checkbox" name="name">

<input type="radio" name="name" value="x">
 Radio Button

<input type=text name="name" size = 10 >
1 line text area size will determine the number of characters

<input type="submit" value="NAME">
Submit Button 

<input type="image" border=0 name="NAME" src="name.gif">Submit Button with a image 

<input type="reset">
Reset Button

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