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Adding links to your pages

This example allows you to link to pages with in your site and assume you have save it to the same folder. 

Links are defined with the <a> "beginning" tag and end with the </a> "ending" tag. 

Example of Adding Images Code.
<a href="How_To.htm">EyeTweaks How To page.</a>.

Example of how it looks.
EyeTweaks How To page.

Text between <a> and </a> is set as the link and Caption and typically is blue or your default browser colors.

This example shows you how to link to a page on a different Web site.  You will need the full web address.  Referred to as a URL.
Example to link from your site to you would code as follows.

Example of Adding Images Code. This is a link to  
<a href=""> Link</a>.

Example of how it looks. Link

You also have the ability of turning a image into a Hypertext Link as well.
example, The Image Below when clicked on will take you to the listed web site address or URL.

Example of Adding Images Code.
<a href=""><img src="Flower.jpg" alt="How To HTML Page"></a>

Example of how it looks.
How To HTML Page

Simply Click on Images to be taken to  
Or rewrite to be redirected to practically any site on the web.
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