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Adding Headings, 
You can have up to six headings in HTML.
H1 is First, H2 is Second, H3 is Third on thru to H6 which is Sixth.  
Each Heading starts with the <h#> "Start" tag and Ends with the </h#> "Ending" tag, where # is the assigned number 1 thru 6 used.

Example of Heading Code. 

<h1>Example of First Heading</h1>
<h2>Example of Second Heading</h2>
Example of how it looks.

Example of First Heading

Example of Second Heading

Adding paragraphs
Each paragraph starts with the <p> "Beginning" tag. The </p> "End" tag

Example of Paragraph Code. 

<p>First Paragraph.</p>
<p>Second Paragraph.</p>

Example of how it looks.
First Paragraph.
Second Paragraph.

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